Achieve Your Fitness Goals With A 45 Degree Leg Press Machine!

Leg press machines are staple pieces of gym equipment that target the development and improvement of your lower body. It is essential for you to have a total body workout,  making you improve your stability, strength, endurance, and stamina. Let Leg Press Australia show you what it takes to choose and use a 45 degree leg press machine, and if it is the right type of fitness equipment for your needs.

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45-Degree Leg Press Machine: An Overview

This is one type of leg press machine that lets you move your legs at a greater range. It is almost a cut between the horizontal and vertical leg press machines, since it is a bit tilted but is still parallel to the ground. The built and design of this leg press machine is almost the same as the horizontal one, but the footplate is lifted at a 45-degree angle, hence the name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I use a 45-Degree Leg Press Machine?

Using the 45 degree leg press machine is quite similar to all other types of leg presses. It would be best if you first determined the weight that you want to work out with. If you are a newbie, settle for a lighter load then feel free to increase it as necessary. Make sure that the weight is distributed evenly on your left and right side. Not doing so will allow you to encounter more accidents or mishaps while working out.

Seat comfortably on the padded cushion. Typically, the backrest should be on a 90-degree angle to the seat, but some gym-goers can adjust this any way they like so they would still feel stable and comfortable while exercising.

Position yourself properly. Place your feet flat on the footplate, a bit away from each other (shoulder width), with the toes pointing outwards. Once you are comfortable with your position, release the safety pins or lever and start pushing the weights away from your body, extending your legs in the process. Make sure that your back does not round and stays flat of the backrest so you would not strain it. If the model you chose has a handle on the side, feel free to hold it while extending and bending your knees for additional support and stability. Repeat this several times, depending on your capacity and your coach’s recommendation.

What are common Tips when using the 45-Degree Leg Press Machine?

Leg press machines are usually safe to use, with their padded cushions, safety pins or lever gear, and wide footplate. However, if you are a beginner user of this fitness machine and you would want to include it as your home gym equipment, then it is necessary for you to know some reminders on how to properly use this type of leg press machine.

No to partial reps. Half reps are exercise movements that use limited ROMs or range of motions while using the same weight. Although some fitness coaches would allow this strategy, if you are going to do it at home on your own, it might lead to an accident. Moreover, it will put more pressure on the knees and other supporting body parts, without gaining much muscle definition and flexibility.

Add variety. Doing the same exercise, again and again, seems a bit boring, especially if you are alone in your house and you are the only one working out. Spicing things up can be advantageous, but your number one priority should still be your safety and comfort. How can you add variety to using a 45-degree leg press machine? Well, you can do something subtle but can effectively address different lower body muscles. You can make the distance of your feet wider or narrower, making your squats or knee bends extended. You can also opt to step on either edge of the footplate (top or bottom part) instead of staying in the middle. You can also try doing your weight training with one leg at a time, just make sure that the weight is cut in half so that you won’t cause muscle fatigue on your legs.

Stay supported. As mentioned earlier, it is important that your buttocks and back are supported and maintained on the padded cushion for the rest of your leg press workout. Not only are you going to make your body uncomfortable, but your movements and range will also change. This may affect your overall workout, the stimulation of your lower body muscles, and the pattern of your range of motion.

Use your knees. Do not hold your knees while doing the leg presses. Not only are you using the full potential of your knees by allowing your hands to support them and absorb the tension, but you are also changing your position, making you prone to muscle exhaustion or back pain.

Know where to push. Leg press machines target the lower body muscles and your core, but knowing where to emphasise the tension is important so you can develop the body part that you like. For instance, if you are targeting your buttocks, try and push the weight using your feet’s heel part. And if you want your quadriceps toned and defined, use the balls of your feet when carrying the weight.


Want to start your fitness journey while staying at home? We can help! Let Leg Press Australia introduce you to different home gym equipment and accessories that you will need to achieve a total body workout, like a 45-degree leg press machine. Contact us and visit our online store to know more.