Get A Horizontal Leg Press Machine For Excellent Lower Body Workout

If your goal is to improve your lower body form, strength, and range of motion, then getting a horizontal leg press machine is the answer. Powering up your legs, lower back, and core can be easily achieved if you have one of the most ideal leg press machines for you and your family. Add this lower body exercise machine to your home gym, and you can be sure that your daily workouts would be fruitful faster. Let Leg Press Australia show you the benefits that you can get when you have a horizontal leg press machine at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Horizontal Leg Press Machine?
One of the three main types of leg press machines, the horizontal type is probably the most common and popular. You can see this gym equipment in any commercial gym in Australia. Why? Because horizontal leg press machines are the easiest type to use. Also known as the seated leg press machine, this consists of a padded back and seat pads that lay parallel to the ground, with the foot platform on the other end. Depending on the design of the horizontal leg press machine that you got, the weights may be placed in front of you, beside you, underneath, or behind you.

Why Choose a Horizontal Leg Press Machine?

Provides Comfort. While it is true that no workout can ever be so easy and ache-free, horizontal leg press machines make your lower body exercises a bit more comfortable compared to others. To use the machine, you have to seat or recline on a padded cushion and rest your head on the padding. While others are standing and lifting weights, all you have to do is sit or lie down and push the weights away from your body. Every movement you make has support to your back, head, and arms.

Easy to Use. Yes, a horizontal leg press, or any leg press machine for this matter, can look intimidating. But, if you have tried using it before or asked for the help of a fitness instructor on how to properly use the gym equipment, you will realize that it is indeed so easy to use. Sit on the machine, adjust the weights that you feel comfortable carrying, and while gripping the handles, start pushing your foot away from the platform.

Good Warm-Up Exercise. When going to the gym, or working out in your own home gym, you definitely would not just use your leg press machine. It is common sense that for you to have a total body workout, you have to do several other exercises. What is great about having a horizontal leg press machine is that it effectively prepares your lower body to perform these stunts or routines, like lunges, squats, and others.

It is a Versatile Workout Machine. If you think leg press machines only work out your legs, think again. In doing the routines and exercises, you need the support of your core, buttocks, and back, maintaining your balance and posture at the same time. This means that as you perform your lower body workouts, you are also improving your core strength, improving the form, tone, and definition of your buttock and back muscles.

Improves Overall Performance. If you are an amateur or professional athlete and you want to improve or develop your lower leg skills in running and jumping, a seated leg press machine is beneficial for you. It strengthens the leg muscles so it can carry the weight and pressure that your activities would require, improving your endurance and stamina. As you become used to leg presses and nearer to your lower body fitness goals, you will also notice that your posture and stability improve, your speed and leg muscle strength get better, and your overall health maintained.

How should I use a horizontal leg press machine?

What needs to be prioritised in every workout session is your safety. You can never be consistent in working out if you always encounter mishaps and accidents. Leg Press Australia wants to impart some tips and advice on how to perform your seated leg presses with the horizontal leg press machine.


  • Determine the comfortable weight that you can carry and set the equipment. Typically, newbies would start adding 25 to 35 pounds of weight plate on their machine, then gradually increase it depending on their capacity.
  • Seat on the machine and rest your foot flat of the platform on a shoulder-width distance.
  • If your leg press machine has grip handles, hold them comfortably and start straightening your legs and pushing yourself upward. When going down, maintain a 90-degree angle of your knees to the platform before extending your legs back up.

Repeat for 6 to 12 reps in 2 to 3 sets, depending on your capacity and comfort.

How Can I perform Seated Leg Press Variations?

As we mentioned earlier, it is wrong to think that leg presses can only work out one specific part of the body. Here are several variations that you can do to target several major muscles of the lower legs, buttocks, back, and core.

Wide bearing. Place your feet flat on the footplate but a little wider than usual. Bend your knees as low as you can and extend your legs as straight as you can as well to target the inner thigh muscles and improve your stability.

Narrow bearing. Opposite to the wide stance, placing your feet almost together in the footplate and bending and extending your legs can help define your outer thigh muscles.

Feet on top. Instead of placing the feet in the middle of the footplate, position your feet near the edge of the platform. This extends the bend and extension of the legs, targeting the hamstrings and your buttock muscles.

Feet down low. As the name implies, place your feet at the lower edge of the footplate and do your usual leg presses. Doing so will target your quads and define your thighs muscles.

Single leg. To bring your leg presses to a whole new level, try doing it with one leg at a time. To be safe, cut the weight in half so you would not overwork your legs and cause muscle fatigue to exhaustion.


Convinced that a horizontal leg press machine is the one for you? Contact Leg Press Australia and inquire about our tried and tested horizontal leg press machines that we offer to our valued customers, and pick which one suits your needs the best. Include this workout essential to your home gym, and we can assure you that your workout routines and activities will all pay off in no time.