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Are you tired of your usual workout routine and would want to add something new and challenging to it? You can get that if you start using a plyo box. Home Gym Australia carries the best brands that manufacture high-quality plyometric boxes that you can use for your box jump workout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Plyo Box?
A plyometric box is a fitness box made from wood or steel that is used as a platform for jumping exercises like box or depth jumps. There are many plyo boxes available in the market that have varying heights, so many would purchase more than one plyo box for their home gym. There are people who, instead of purchasing a plyo box, would make their own box platform, and we would not say that this is wrong. Although we do not recommend it, as long as you are sure that your plyo box substitute can carry your weight and the force that your jumps can produce, you may do so. Home Gym Australia believes that using the best home gym equipment or fitness paraphernalia can ensure not just the efficiency of your exercises, but it can also secure your safety and comfort throughout your workout session.
What Are The Benefits of Using Plyo Boxes?

What is box jumping for? For many fitness enthusiasts, they may still feel bored if their routines are repetitive. Plyometric boxes are used to spice things up on your next workout session. The main goal of using this fitness platform is to have the user jump up and down from it as many times as he can. Box jumping can also have several variations, from simple jumping up and down, to jumping from one plyo box to another. But what good do these exercises do to our body? Here are several benefits that you can get from using plyometric boxes.

Leg strength. Well, this is an obvious advantage that you can get from box jumping. Since this exercise routine uses all the major leg muscles, you can expect that your lower body will have big and strong muscles. After months of performing this step and adding this to your routine, you can feel light on your feet and look to have slender but strong legs with defined and toned muscles to come with it.

Core strength. When doing your box jumps, you do not just use your lower extremities to land successfully on the platform each time. During the process, as you clench your ab muscles, your core tightens, lets you crunch, and lift your body as high as possible so your feet would land safely on top of the box. This movement works out your abdominal muscles as you strengthen your legs. Feel proud to have washboard abs and sport a six-pack when you do box jumps on a daily basis.

Arm workout. If you think using the plyo boxes only requires the use of your legs, think again. When starting to jump up or down the box, do you notice that swinging your arms backward and forward helps propel your body to perform the routine? This is because this movement also creates a force that could make it easier for you to lift your body as you jump. If box or depth jumping is performed correctly, your arms can also get the necessary workout that you need to strengthen them.

Improved balance and body coordination. As your whole body gets the workout it requires when you add plyo box jumping in your routine, you also harness other benefits, and these are to have better balance and body coordination. When you jump, your goal is to land on the platform box with both your feet flat on top, staying there for a few seconds before gathering your strength for another step. Being able to stay on top of the box requires your body to balance, your feet acting as a strong foundation for your body. You also need to hit the platform and estimate the height of your jump as you coordinate your sight to your legs. Doing this repetitively will ensure that your proprioception and sense of equilibrium get harnessed at the same time.

Increased physical performance and cardio. Tired of just using treadmills or elliptical for your cardio workout? Why not try using a plyo box? It can help you achieve that heart-pounding workout that your body needs as you jump up and down, from one box to either the ground or another box. Doing this exercise repetitively also strengthens the body, especially your legs, letting you perform better in sports-related activities, like soccer, basketball, or track competitions.

Weight loss. As you work out and sweat while using the plyometric boxes, you are also burning calories and losing fats along the way. This makes your body more fit and slender, helping you emphasise and define your muscles to achieve that healthy-looking and toned physique that everybody would be envious about.

How to use a Plyo Box

The main objective of doing your workout using a plyo box is to jump and land on top of the box. After you find the best plyo box that has the height and stability that you require, stand in front of it, a few inches away from the edge. With your feet apart, squat and bend your legs and swing your arms back, preparing yourself for your jump. As you swing your arms forward, lift your body with enough force to let you land with both feet flat safely on the box, legs still bent in a squatting position. You can either follow this movement by jumping and landing safely on the ground, or you can jump from one box to another.

Interested in adding this workout to your routine? Let Home Gym Australia provide you with all the things you need. Plyo boxes, soft mat flooring, or whatever would make this exercise step safe and efficient can be found at our store. Visit our online shop and contact us to know more.